Order Management: Instructions for Drivers

Dear Driver

A very warm welcome to the Travelhorse Team! Below are a set of instructions that we have prepared to help smoothen your integration towards our operations! Please read through carefully and get back to us if you have any doubts or clarifications.


Orders will come in the above format, please always check if address is complete with unit number and block number if it is not please ask staff at the merchant to provide you with the necessary information immediately upon collection at the pick-up venue.

If Staff are not responsive proceed to call customer to clarify. Notify them that you are their delivery rider from Travelhorse and you need the details that are missing. Always be polite and courteous.


1. Once an order is only click, “Accept Job”, if you can take it on!

2. All orders have to reach destination before the stated delivered-by timing!

3. Arrive 5 MINUTES before pick-up timing!

Please comply with the above instructions. Failure to comply will result in suspension. We hope that you have a great time working with us! Looking forward to seeing you! Happy Working!