About Travelhorse

About Journey

We were building a luggage logistics platform that connect users to local shops and business for luggage storage, allowing them to explore the city free and easy. Our Founder, Scott was unable to find a convenient place to store his luggage when he was in Hong Kong during June 2018 for a hackathon. He spend a total of 4.5 hours to reach his destination, after making a reroute to drop off his stuff at the student hostel.

Then Covid-19 affected Singapore in April 2020. The whole country went into a lockdown. How could they help the merchants in their network? The team thought about it, and launched dash services to help their partners with their food deliveries. Enterprise Singapore approved them as a 3rd party logistics platform for the food booster package, to reduce the impacts of the pandemic.

Our Mission

As travellers ourselves, we’ve faced the painful situations of carrying your luggage all around the city for storage. We now help you take care of all your logistics support, from luggage to getting your food delivered on time.

Our Team

Our team is made up of founding members who have worked together for a long time. They were roommates during their exchange program in China, where they spend 2 semesters cultivating and developing their entrepreneurial mindsets.

Scott Koh
Founder & CEO
Ken Lam
Raphael Aravinth
Creative Strategist
Daryl Pong
Jie Ying
General Counsel