About Travelhorse

About Journey

What started out with just an idea to build a luggage logistics platform connecting users to local shops and businesses for temporary storage allowing tourists to explore the cities free and easy has evolved to include a dash service enabling merchants in Singapore for their deliveries.

The COVID-19 pandemic had greatly limited the movement of people and goods around the country. Immediately, Travelhorse embarked on a mission to help businesses connect with its customers. Accredited by Enterprise Singapore, Travelhorse now is now part of the Food Delivery Booster Package to support F&B businesses making the transition from offline to online sales.

Our Mission

Travelhorse revolves around the concept that home based merchants should enjoy a more convenient and reliable way of last mile logistics. Through genuine community spirit, we create a friendly environment for goods to be delivered efficiently.

Our Team

Our team is founded by alumni from the NUS Overseas College program. We come from various diverse backgrounds in the finance, engineering and logistics sector.

Scott Koh
Founder & CEO
Ken Lam
Isabel Tan
Jie Ying
General Counsel

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